Les Systèmes Info TSR Inc. new website Online !

www.infotsr.com is online !

We are Proud to announce our new Website is online. We have integrated a" Store " where you can shop securely online or we can be reached to provide sales quotes and support. The Store showcases an array of IT products from the newly released to some great refurbished deals.

Needing Repairs for your PC , IT Services, New server, Software support or a Website, we can help, feel free to browse our complete line of services offered on our " Services Page " !

Also added are  "FAQ" and "TSR Blog" pages where relevant information to their respective products will be posted .Hopefully you enjoy the site experience as we enjoyed creating it. Feel free to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment or like.

Thank you for stopping by !



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  1. G.Teoli
    In the next couple of months we will be working hard adding and updating the site so check in regualary for some new and interesteing content.If you dont see what your looking for give us a call and we will gladly help. G.Teoli

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